Route to India A three-hour trip in the heart of the historical heritage of Lorient


When you arrive, we’ll be already there to welcome you and let you know where to leave your car. We’ll present you the outing and give you your personal equipment. After some small adjustments on the boats to navigate comfortably, we’ll leave to make the tour of the Gâvres peninsula. We’ll return to the same place three hours later at least.


At Kernével – Larmor Plage.

Go to Kernével attached to Larmor Plage. Turn right at the end of Rue de la Brise up to launch the slipway of the water-sports club.

Duration : 3h00

Minimum time of activity

From the age of 10 years old minimum

This trip is open to everyone from the age of 10. It is ideal for a first approach of sea kayaking. We glide on the currents of the estuary to join the sea. Children under 13 can be accompanied with an adult in a double kayak.

Level required : Open to all

Open to everyone. It is not necessary to have already practised kayaking to take part in this trip.

Supervisory Staff

An experienced guide who holds a diploma in kayaking and the associate qualification of sea kayaking.


if weather conditions, the group skills or any other event of force majeure did not allow us to achieve the original tour, we could decide to paddle along a less exposed part of the coastline or in an aber. We could either delay or cancel the journey. If any of this occurs, we, and we alone, can take a decision, without prior notice.


We are covered by professional civil liability insurance (MMA).

Equipment to bring

  • A swimsuit
  • A pair of shorts
  • A T-shirt (we prefer synthetic fabric to cotton)
  • A soft lined fleece sweater or a warm sweatshirt
  • a pair of neoprene socks / boots or a pair of sneakers (don’t bring your fancy ones!)
  • - Strap sports sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat
  • Water

Equipment supplied

  • sea-kayaks (one-man and doubles)
  • life jackets, neoprene skirts and paddles
  • According to the weather: neoprene suits and windproof jackets

Kayaks are equipped with waterproof tanks to protect your valuable items both in the front and in the back.



  • Cameras (pay attention to the risks of water contact). If your device is not watertight or equipped with a watertight case, it will remain in the waterproof tank thus inaccessible while navigating.
  • You can use biking or sailing gloves to protect your hands
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Make your nearest and dearest happy with a sea kayak trip

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