Bivouac at the Island of Groix A two-day tour of the Island of Groix


When you arrive, we will enjoy a hot drink and discuss the preparation of the trip. We’ll help you to organize your personal belongings and to put them into the tanks. 
One hour later, having prepared the compass position on the map, we’ll be ready to leave.


At 9:30am at the beach of L’Anse du Stole. Depending on the tides, we’ll be back to Ploemeur around 5:00pm.

From the Highway take the exit Ploemeur town center, then follow Lomener. In the center of Lomener, turn left just before the beginning of the area where the speed limit is 30. Then 50 meters away enter the parking lot of the beach of the Anse du Stole on the right. 

On a GPS enter the following address: Chemin de la Caserne Ploemeur.

Duration : 2 days

Meeting time : 9:30am
End of the activity : 5pm the following day

From the age of 16

This two-day trip is available to all the people in good physical shape from the age of 16.

Level Required: intermediate people

This two-day trip is available to all the people in good physical shape from the age of 16. This outing does not present major difficulty. The travelled distances are acceptable. However, if you have never practiced kayaking we advise you to begin with a half-day or day outing to test your capacities. Furthermore, this first approach allows you to acquire a minimum of useful technical basics.

Supervisory Staff

An experienced guide who holds a diploma in kayaking and the associate qualification of sea kayaking.


If weather conditions, the group skills or any other event of force majeure didn’t not allow us to achieve the original tour, we could decide to paddle along a less exposed part of the coastline or in an aber. We could either delay or cancel the journey. If any of this occurs, we, and we alone, can take a decision, without prior notice. bra_toggle]

We are covered by professional civil liability insurance (MMA).

Equipment supplied

  • sea kayak (one-man and doubles)
  • Life jackets, neoprene skirts and paddles
  • Neoprene suit and windproof jackets
  • tight bags
  • Tents for bivouac
  • Common Crockery (and stoves)
  • Compass, map and security tools


Equipment to bring

  • Water (minimum 1.5l / day / person)
  • Snacks: cereal bars, dry fruits...
  • A swimsuit and a pair of shorts
  • A pair of neoprene socks / boots or a pair of sneakers
  • 1 or 2 longue sleeves tee-shirts (synthetic material, no cotton: Lycra, no cotton)
  • A soft lined fleece sweater
  • Sunscreen, a hat and Strap sports sunglasses



  • A sleeping bag
  • A sleeping pad
  • Hot and comfortable spare clothes, running or hiking shoes, 1 windbreaker (Kway or Poncho), 1 long-sleeved t-shirt, a tracksuit or jeans, 1 fleece or thick sweatshirt or a thick long-sleeved garment
  • Your personal belongings for two days and one night
  • A light pharmacy: preventive medicine for seasickness if you are concerned, antiseptic and bandages, elastoplast and dressings for blisters, your personal medication.
  • Garbage bags to protect your belongings.
  • Plate, bowl, crockery, glass (we recommend unbreakable ones)
  • Plan a picnic lunch for the first day, meal included: 1 hot meal, 1 breakfast and 1 cold meal



  • Cameras (pay attention to the risks of water contact). If your device is not watertight or equipped with a watertight case, it will remain in the waterproof tank thus inaccessible while navigating li>
  • You can use biking or sailing gloves to protect your hands.
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