Introduction to sea kayaking Two days and a half to discover sea kayaking



  • a coastal kayaking session
  • a waves kayaking session
  • a stream kayaking session
  • a day trip from Brigneau to Guidel Plages


Day 1: Lomener to Kerroc’h

In the afternoon: First paddling, directional advice and safety exercises at the end of the session.

After an introduction to sea kayaking, the instructor will select you the most appropriate kayak and will explain you the basics of paddling: posture, rotation, the importance of the toe clips...
By trying to circumvent the rocks, along the coast of Kerroc'h, you’ll feel more comfortable and get more familiar with the directional techniques.

Once back to Lomener, at the end of the session, you will experience safety techniques, in small groups, such as
 capsizing and getting back onto the kayak. 
In deep waters, you will try to get the water out of the kayak and you will have to help the capsized person to get back into his.

Day 2: Lorient, Port-Louis and Gâvres

In the morning: in the natural harbor of Lorient: 
you’ll acquire specific navigation techniques in the streams of the estuaries. 
We’ll give you some information about the main dangers of these zones. We’ll teach you how to use landmarks to cross a channel without drifting or hitting another boat, and also tell you how to use the beacons to get your bearings.
Around Gâvres: 
coastal kayaking navigation. Practice and deepening of the navigation techniques seen before.

In the afternoon: navigation techniques in waves
1st part of the session: 
paddling techniques: push and suspension techniques and then, how to balance yourself with the steering oar.

2nd part of the session: navigation in waves, capsizing. You will learn how to keep safe in the waves, practice capsizing, remain stable
 and surf the waves with your kayak.

Day 3: From Brigneau to Guidel

A one-day trip, from Brigneau to Guidel via Merrien and Doëlan. 
You will review the directional and surfing techniques that you’ve learnt during the internship. End of day in the streams of the estuary of the Laïta.
Mapping during the lunch break.

End of the program around 5pm, 5.30pm



At 2.30pm at the beach of L’Anse du Stole, in Ploemeur

End of the stay

On the third day the training will end at 5pm


It includes one-man and doubles kayaks (PH, Valley, Boréal Design brand).

Equipment Supplied:

  • Sea Kayaks
  • Paddles, neoprene skirt and life jackets
  • Neoprene suit
  • Windproof jackets
  • Compass, maps and security tools
  • Tight bags for food and personal belongings
  • According to the chosen program : common crockery


Equipment to bring:

To navigate

  • water
  • Snacks: cereal bars, dry fruits...
  • A swimsuit and a pair of shorts
  • A pair of neoprene socks / boots or a pair of sneakers
  • 1 or 2 longue sleeve tee-shirts (synthetic material, no cotton)
  • A soft lined fleece sweater
  • Strap sports sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat



  • A First-Aid Kit: preventive medicine for seasickness, antiseptic and bandages, elastoplast and dressings for blisters, your personal medication.
  • Garbage bags to protect your belongings.


Evenings and meals :

According to the chosen program, you will have to bring either your whole meals or only your personal dishes.

Program without meal and accommodation :

  • Plan picnic lunches and your personal dishes.


Program with meals and accommodation :

  • Plan personal dishes: hermetic plastic box (tupperware), bowl, plate, glass and crockery / we recommend unbreakable ones.
  • a sleeping bag



  • You can use riding or sailing gloves to protect your hands
  • Cameras (pay attention to the risks of water contact). If your device is not watertight or equipped with a watertight case, it will remain in the waterproof tank thus inaccessible while navigating.
  • Mask and snorkel.


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