From the pink granite coast to Bréhat Archipelago


Day 1: The Pink Granite Coast

Meeting at 8.45am at Paimpol train station, where we’ll be waiting for you with a minivan and the trailer.
If you don’t have a vehicle there, you will have to get on the minivan.
If you come with your vehicle, you will follow us to the final point of our destination (depending on the tides, Paimpol or Lezardrieux) and leave it over there. Then, you’ll join us and take place on the minivan to our starting point (depending on the tides, Trébeurden or Ploumanac’h)
Once we get there, your guide will go through the description of the tour around a warm drink and we will all prepare the kayaks for the tour.
After lunch, you will progressively take control of your kayak at a leisurely pace, the time of a stroll along the pink granite coast. This is, without any doubt, the best way to enjoy and discover this unique natural site, formed well over 300 millions years ago and where rocks have been sculpted by the waves and the wind.
8 miles - 3h30 on the water
Bivouac or Campground

Day 2: Sept îles

Today we paddle to Sept îles. This amazing natural reserve has an exceptional flora and fauna diversity. Indeed, more than 27 species of birds coexist such as the Northern Gannet, the Puffin and the Razorbill. We will also discover the fort and the Light House on the Monks Island.
Paddling past the island of Rouzic, where 1,700 couples of Northern Gannets live, we will go with the flow to Port-Blanc to spend the night.
14 miles - 6h00 on the water
Bivouac or Campground

Day 3: Port Blanc to Plougrescant

Pushed by the currents and the tides, we paddle to the Jaudy river mouth. Starting from Port-Blanc, we take advantage of the high tide to slide between the isle of Gildas and the isle of the middle. Two possibilities there: enjoy the flow or get trapped by the ebb tide and wait, watching the fishermen give up their post to goemoniers (seaweed fishermen) until the current is favorable to our navigation. Before making our way to the desert island, where we will stay for the night, we will paddle along the rocks and the pebble beach of Plougrescant.
8 miles - 4h00 on the water

Day 4: The Héaux de Bréhat and the Sillon de Talbert

Depending again on the tidal times, we will wait for the optimum current to slide between the shoal waters defined by the famous lighthouse of the Héaux de Bréhat. On the other side of the Sillon de Talber, the Brehat Archipelago will welcome us in all its glory. After exploring the western part of the Archipelago, we will paddle to an islet to bivouac.
10 miles - 5h00 on the water

Day 5: Bréhat, the “Flower Island”

The north of the island offers a desert landscape overhung by the beautiful lighthouse of Paon. After finding our way through a maze of granite rocks, we will disembark in the east of the island to discover it on foot. Walking along the fabulous gardens, which gave their nicknames to Bréhat-the Flower Island- we will join the village center.
6 miles – 3h00 on the water
Bivouac or Campground

Day 6:

From islets to islets, Séhéres, Lavrec, then Logodec, we will finish exploring the east of the Archipelago. We’ll then have lunch on the isle of Raguénès before finishing our trip in Paimpol or Lézardrieux.
End of the trip near 4pm
8 miles – 3h30 on the water


Meeting at 8.45am at Paimpol train station, where we’ll be waiting for you with a minivan and the trailer.
If you don’t have a vehicle there, you will have to hop on the minivan.
If you come with your vehicle, you will follow us to the final point of our destination (depending on the tides, Paimpol or Lezardrieux) and leave it over there. Then, you’ll join us and get on the minivan to our starting point (depending on the tides, Trébeurden or Ploumanac’h)

For those travelling by train, we advise you to arrive the day before at Paimpol train station.

Here are two places you could stay in:
Two stars hotel Le Goëlo
Three stars hotel Le K’Loys

Your cars will be parked for 6 days on authorized locations but unsupervised. We cannot be held responsible from any eventual deterioration caused on either one of them. If you want to opt for a safer solution, please contact a host (camping, hotel…) who could keep your car during the trip. Or you could also use public transportation.

On day 6 around 4pm in Paimpol or Lézardrieux.

You will paddle 4 or 5 hours a day, with strolls that will allow you to discover the astonishing scenery and the cultural and natural richness.
You must be at ease in the water and physically fit. If you don’t already have an experience in kayaking you must have, at least, a regular physical activity.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions.

It includes one-man and doubles kayaks (PH, Valley, Prijon, Boreal design) in which all the stuff is boarded to sail in full autonomy. We also provide dry bags but make sure you have your own one to keep your camera dry, and don’t forget to bring plastic bags in case of rupture.
Even if the watertight compartments are large, you have to take the strict minimum.
The sizeable stuff (laundry, sleeping bags, tents, mattresses) will be placed at the boat extremity (nose and tail), and the thick and heavy items (can, water) will be against the cockpit partitions.

To fully benefit the currents, paddling times will depend on the tides.

The nights are predicted to be in a bivouac, or in a campground under a tent, or under the stars if the weather allows it.
You will have to bring a 3-season sleeping bag (moderate volume) and a sleeping pad (ideally self-inflating).

Cold meals for the afternoon, and hot meals will be jointly prepared for the evenings.
Vegetarian meals on demands.

There will be few showers on the road, so you will have to bring soap, which will foam in salt water (you can find one at a ship chandler) and wipes.
No toilets! You have to bring toilet paper, and wipes.

Experienced guide who holds a diploma in kayaking and the associate qualification of sea kayaking.

A minimum of 5 people, a maximum of 12

By car: N12, then D6 to Paimpol.
By train: Paimpol Train station
By plane: Lannion Airport and Tibus connection to Paimpol (Line 7)


The journey (round trip) to the meeting place
Voluntaries insurance
Cost for the parking lot
Set aside a small budget for drinks, personal living expenses and eventual tips.


Valid passport or ID card


  • Medicine to prevent sea-sickness
  • Sunscreen and biafine cream
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Antiseptic and band-aid
  • Elastoplast and double skin for blisters
  • Antidiarrheoal
  • Analgesic
  • Collyrium
  • Cough and Sore throat drops
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Personal medication




  • Sea-kayaks (one-man and doubles)
  • Life jackets and neoprene skirts
  • Neoprene suits
  • Windproof jackets for water sports
  • Tents for the bivouacs
  • Common crockery
  • Sea safety: a VHF for the group and mandatory elementary equipment per boat (map, compass, rockets…)


You have to check your gear and do not hesitate to consult us. Safety but also comfort for your kayak tour depends on it. Along the way, you will not be able to buy gear and medicine.


  • A pair of neoprene socks / boots or a pair of sneakers (don’t bring your fancy ones!)
  • A soft lined fleece sweater / hoodie to put under the windproof jacket we supply
  • 2 long sleeve tee-shirts made of synthetic material (lycra, no cotton) or 2 “Damarts”
  • A swimsuit
  • Strap sports sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat


  • Trekking boots (moderate volume) or sneakers
  • A windproof jacket (K-way, poncho)
  • 2/3 long sleeve tee-shirts
  • Underwear for 5 days and 4 nights (reasonable quantity)
  • Sweatpants or jeans
  • A soft lined fleece sweater or a warm sweatshirt
  • A thick towel (for the beach and to desalinate yourself)


  • A sleeping bag (moderate volume)
  • A sleeping pad (ideally self-inflating)


  • For your detergent and beauty products, soap and shampoo, prefer ecologically and neutral ones
  • Portable flashlight or headlamp
  • Plastic watertight boxes: Tupperware, bowl, cutlery, and flask (unbreakable hiking equipment)
  • Garbage bags to protect your belongings


  • You can use riding or sailing gloves to protect your hands
  • Flippers, mask and snorkel
  • Books, camera (risk of contact with water). If your device is not waterproof or in a dry bag, it will stay in a crate during the navigation.


        • Download the registration file:
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        • Please contact us to set a date according to our respective availabilities:
          Contact us
        • Send us the registration file (see address below) and the reservation deposit


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